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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDAP?

CDAP- Canadian Digital Adoption Program is a government initiative to help small and medium businessesgrow their businesses by embracing digital technology. The program has two streams on offer serving the requirements of micro to medium-sized companies. The program is to help businesses upgrade and enhance business digitally by implementing e-commerce tools, digital marketing, and investing in digital technologies to generate more sales by improving and automating operations. Businesses simply sign up for the grant, and once eligibility is ascertained are required to submit a plan as per the streams category for approval by the authorities to receive the funds.

The 2 streams are:

Stream 1: For companies with Revenue in excess of $30,000 in the previous year and have one employee besides the owner

Stream 2: For companies with revenue of $500,000 or over in any of the previous year having min. 1 employee besides the owner

Can I apply to both the Grow Your Business Online and Boost Your Business Technology grant?

Yes, you can apply to both grants.

Can I apply more than once if the applications are in different fiscal years?

No, you can apply only once to Grow Your Business Online over the entire duration of the program. Moreover, your business can only receive the micro-grant once.

Where can I sign up for CDAP?

To learn more about CDAP, determine your eligibility, or sign up, visit: Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) | Official site

If my business operates at more than one location, am I considered a corporate chain or am I eligible?

A business can go up to 5 outlets for the same business. These outlets have to be for a single, regional business and the organization does not offer opportunities for other people to buy franchises.

Can the owner of multiple businesses submit an application for each business?

That is, for example, the owner of three (3) businesses submitting three (3) applications, one for each business. Yes, as long as each business is registered with its own business number.

I am the shareholder of an incorporated business, therefore I am considered an employee of the incorporation. I have no other employees, am I eligible?

A shareholder does not count as an employee. Businesses must have at least one employee on payroll. Business that don't have any employees may also be eligible if they have made at least $30,000 in annual revenue in the most recent tax year.

Do part time or temporary employees count as eligible employees?

Part time or fixed-term employees count as eligible employees, but freelance or contract (fee for service) employees do not.

Is there a cap on the number of employees eligible companies can have?

No, there is no cap.

If my business is in their first year of business and is on track to earn $30,000 in revenues, would I be eligible?

Your business has to attest that you had a gross revenue of at least $30,000 in the last 12 months of operations or since incorporation/registration. Therefore you would not be able to apply if you are "on track" to meet the threshold, you would have to wait until the threshold has been met.

For how long must my employee have been employed by my business prior to applying for the Grow Your Business Online grant?

Your employee must have been working at the business for at least three (3) months.

How can CDAP benefit my website?

CDAP can help your website improve by adding or upgrading functions to streamline operations. This can be in the form of adding e-commerce tools to help your business sell online, adding customer relationship management (CRM) such as customer data management to project sales and target leads, incorporating content management systems (CMSs), and digital marketing avenues to promote your business online.

What types of digital undertakings can I benefit from with the CDAP funds?

  • CRM tools
  • CMS tools
  • Digital Marketing
  • Payment Gateways
  • Chat Widgets
  • Online Booking Platforms
  • App Development
  • Website creation & Enhancement

What type of digital marketing can I do with the CDAP funds?

You can do any or one of the combinations of; search engine optimization (SEO), Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) AdWords, social media marketing (both paid and organic), email marketing, & display advertising.

What is Stream 1 in CDAP?

Businesses with revenue of a minimum of $30,000 and at least 1 other employee than the owner are eligible for a $2400 grant in the Stream 1 category. Businesses must apply and submit a spending plan to CDAP and they can get approved and get the micro-grant funds into their accounts.

What is Stream 2 in CDAP?

Businesses having annual revenue of over $500,000 in any one of the last 3 financial years are eligible . As part of the process the business must get a digital adoption plan created by a certified digital advisor. The same is funded 90% up to $15,000 under the program. These enterprises can then apply for an interest-free and collateral loan of up to $100,000 over 5 years. The enterprises can also be approved for a $7300 wage subsidy as a hiring credit to add another employee.

Businesses must do the application online on the cDAP platform to determine their eligibility. Once deemed eligible, they can choose a certified digital planner (Nirvana Info Com Inc) and work with us to create a digital adoption plan. Once businesses receive the completed plan, they are to submit it online to CDAP for approval. If they are approved, they will be eligible to apply for an interest-free digital adoption loan for the growth of their business of up to $100,000.

How long does it take to apply for CDAP?

The application process takes around 30 minutes given that the applicant possess all information required for completing the application.

What type of company information do I need to share with CDAP when applying for a grant?

The application process of the CDAP requires names of owner(s), business registration numbers, and other basic business-related information as required to assess your business which will need to be provided to get approved. The process require Owner/Director of the company to validate themselves using their personal Bank Credentials. Finally a crossed/void cheque copy is to be submitted as well.

Can I build or revamp my own website for CDAP?

Yes, that also counts as a part of digitizing your business whether it is setting up a new website or revamping a current one to include digitization tools.

Are franchisees eligible for CDAP?

Yes, but only for their individual locations. Conditions may apply. For details Contact Us.

When is the deadline to apply for CDAP?

CDAP is currently open with the Canadian government having invested $4 billion as announced in the 2021 budget plan and is positioned to modernize the Canadian economy whilecreating thousands of jobs for young Canadians.

When do I get the CDAP funds sent to me?

Once your digital adoption plan and application are approved you can expect to receive the funds in your account.

I did not file my taxes last year, am I eligible for CDAP?

You must visit and fill in the online application to assertain your eligibility.

What is the complete process of CDAP

CDAP process can be broken into 3 Phases
  • Application process: takes around 30 minutes and helps ascertain eligibility
  • The process to create Digital Adoption plan by the certified advisor. The same is to be submitted to CDAP for approval
  • Post plan approval submission of loan request to BDC
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